Offert for human

Location Determination

where am I right now in my life

Releasing Blockages

beliefs, karmic, ancestral lineage, etc.

Bio resonance therapy

localize and harmonize blockages, pain, diseases, chronic diseases, stress and much more

Energetic Work

laying on of hands, massages, discussing, remote treatment
Energetic Work

Life Coaching


Addiction Treatment

Offer for animal and pet owner

Bio resonance therapy

Localize and harmonize blockages, pain, diseases, chronic diseases, stress and much more

Coaching for Animal and Pet Owner

Everything about Horses, Dogs and Cats

Animal Communication

on the physical and spiritual Level

Advice and assistance

in the selection and acquisition of animals

Offer for companies

Checking localize the company energy on the human-energetic level

Rrelationship leadership to employees and employees to employees. harmonious or disharmonious.

Performance improvement of the company

through energetic change of the premises
for example symbol work or re-location of employees, etc.

Structure change

Proposals for a harmonious interaction
between management to employee and employee to employee.

Numerology for the personnel service

New hires, cooperation, who with whom

Offer for buildings

Apartment, house, yard, stable and other buildings and premises

Subtle disturbing fields

Localizing and clearing


Localization and advice on minimization

Geopathic stresses

Localization of water veins, faults
and grids

Sleeping place

Consultation for the optimal arrangement of a sleeping place for humans and animals

Information and prices

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