Practice in Wohlenschwil

Work with animals

Horse with pelvic fracture is treated with bioresonance with success.

One cat is treated in a cage so that it does not run away.
Two other cats join them and also want to benefit from the therapy.

Dogs also enjoy treatment with bioresonance.

At the beginning of the treatment the dog does not accept cats near him.

Animal communication, energetic therapy for the dog and unblocking for the dog owner lead to a wonderful result.

Work with humans

Portrait of a wound healing

During my stay in the bush in Kenya, I managed this miraculous healing.
A woman suffered from an open wound on her leg since 2019. Various hospital stays brought no improvement. By treating with honey, colloidal silver and energetic work, a visible improvement could be achieved.

Recording from April 13, 2023
Treatment with conventional medical therapies was unsuccessful.

Photo taken on April 16, 2023
The wound after only 3 days of treatment with honey, colloidal silver and energetic work.

April 20, 2023
The skin begins to form new tissue. Treatment with honey, colloidal silver and energetic work continues.

This picture reached me on May 10, 2023. The wound is crusted. Since I am no longer on site, I can no longer document the further course. However, the woman is much better.