What is bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt?

In daily life, we unconsciously use phrases that accurately describe the essence of bioresonance. For example, one says that this or that is exactly on my wavelength or that one had a good resonance.

The first investigations were carried out by Paul Schmidt in 1976 with a frequency generator. This device allowed him to determine under which conditions the organism can be optimally brought into resonance and how the best results can be achieved.

A very big advantage of the bioresonance generator according to Paul Schmidt, built and further developed by Rayonex, is the galvanic separation between the control unit and the dipole antenna system. Thereby no interference currents or generally currents flow to the patient. Thus, the treatment with this device is also suitable for patients with pacemakers.

Fields of application

Bioresonance therapy can be used for many health disorders. Acute conditions such as joint inflammation, spinal diseases, infections, injuries and many more can be positively influenced.

Chronic diseases can also be treated with bioresonance therapy so that relief and/or healing can subsequently take place:
For example, asthma, neurodermatitis, hay fever, food allergies, migraines, rheumatic complaints, digestive disorders, susceptibility to infections, etc.

Causal effects

But there are also causal influences on health such as, for example, electrosmog, geological disturbances, toxins and gases, microbiology (bacteria, mold, …) radioactivity and many more, which can influence our health and affect our organism in various places.

With the bioresonance generator of Rayonex it is possible to detect human, veterinary and building biological frequency disharmonies and to harmonize them with a targeted therapy or to localize them in the building biological area so that, for example, the sleeping place can be set up optimally for a trouble-free sleep.


Bioresonance for animals

Also for our domesticated animals (pets) bioresonance offers an optimal form of therapy, which can be performed without side effects, pain or additional stress for the animal. Bioresonance is suitable for use with large animals such as horses, but also with dogs, cats, birds such as parrots and small animals. The field of application of bioresonance is similar to that of humans and it is also used for localization and therapy. It can often be observed how the animals relax during the treatment and obviously enjoy it.


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