What is Vitasalutaris

The idea behind Vitasalutaris is to understand the medicine, the procedure for the treatment of diseases but also blockages and beliefs, as well as the prevention of diseases and the understanding of the being of life to learn and transform in our current form of society.

It is aimed that human as well as animal souls find a place, where you can be helped in all life situations, be it physically, mentally and spiritually.


We intend to build a new form of health centre for humans and animals under the name Vitasalutaris.

This could bring about a transformation in general western, if not global, medicine.


Imagine there was a place where you could go: 

  • if you are not feeling well 
  • if you have any kind of pain 
  • if you want to learn more about life or becoming a parent

The possibilities have to be rethought, new methods of treatment and mixed forms of treatment will emerge at Vitasalutaris.

There will be a change in the way of understanding and dealing with and curing diseases. New medical literature will be created and made available in the in-house library.

Seminars, training and further education will be offered, lectures and events held. Therapy and self-help groups should also find a place at Vitasalutaris. There will be a place for birth, life and death.

Your body urgently needs a service?
Just have your spiritual connection, soul and body checked.

Our future clients, are souls who are open to a new form of treatment for any illness, pain and suffering. The prevention of all this should also be an important part of life. There is no guarantee of healing at Vitasalutaris, but there is a guarantee that one will not be left alone, no matter what the reason for a visit to Vitasalutaris is. Because healing always takes place from within and if the inside has already given up, the outside can no longer exist.

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